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Hey! Sorry we haven't updated Snake Play in a while, but the good news is that we have been working hard at our new venture, and we are happy to announce it to you!
Our venture, called VanillaGrape, is where we build delicious, free card games. Currently, we have launched our first game called "Memory" and it has 3 modes - "Original-52", "JAQK-16", and "Short-26". Each mode can be played with three difficulty modes - Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert.
Please take a moment to visit us at VanillaGrape, and check out the Memory card game. Thank you!
Simple Maze 2
Simple Maze 1
while ( !goalAppleReached ) { goLotsOfTimes(D,L,U,R,U,L,); }
while ( !goalAppleReached ) { goAFewTimes(D,L,U,R,U,L,); }
while ( !goalAppleReached ) { go(D,L,U,R,U,L,); }
BOB: Big Obstacle Blocks
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Windows v5
Windows v4, I mean Windows 8?
Windows v3
Windows v2
Windows v1
Check the Perimeter 4
Check the Perimeter 3
Check the Perimeter 2
Check the Perimeter 1
Just Dot It 5
Just Dot It 4
Just Dot It 3
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